Beachy Head Marathon 2015


Check to see if your photo is here look for your number ?? indicates full number not seen

If your name or number is incorrect please let me know so that I can alter it

642 Greg Funnell Position 7th

1391 Thomas Pettit Position 116th 1650 Mark Smee Position 117th

918 Ken Hughes Position 245th

1147 Natasha Mansell Position 81st

600 Jake Fletcher Position 210th


253 Thomas Bunce Position 218th

657 Danny Garbett Position 182nd 1515 Simon Roberts Position 183rd

1260 Will Moss Position 207th

1262 Greg Moulds Position 374th

1578 Louise Schweitzer Position 233rd

211Stuart Brewer Position 98th 1528 Jordon Rodger Position 99th

817 Derek Harrison Position 240th



6 Paul Ahsunollah

12 Rachel Alison


1705 Annabelle Sterns Position 103rd 1288 Andy Neill Position 104th

1782 Mark Tempest Position 164th

20 Peter Amos Position 244th

24 Jeff Andrews

45 Simon Atkin 1539 Chris Roughsedge

52 Clayton Aves 263 Simon Burnett

1247 Steve Morgan Position 20th

1430 Simon Potter Position 167th

168 Darren Bird Position 72nd 841 Mathilde Heaton Position 73rd


1178 Paul McCleery Position 33rd

187 David Boot Position 64th

191 Catherine Bounds Position 106th

215 Simon Brightwell Position 90th 1773 Megan Taylor Position 91st

224 Ross Brocklehurst Position 83rd 756 Jamie Grenfell Position 84th

242 Dermot Bryers Position 4th

257 Rupert Burgess Position 199th 747 Chris Green Position 198th 1972 Paul Williams Position 200th

263 Simon Burnett Position 121st

273 Mark Cage Position 31st

280 Robert Cameron-Wood Position 118th

317 Caroline Cattini Position 140th

341 Howard Clark Position 166th

355 Janet Cobby Position 205th

308 Susie Casebourne Position 75th

384 Roy Cooper Position 206h

392 Simon Copestone Position 30th

398 David Course Position 34th 1317 Katherine O’Hara Position 35th

418 Tim Crook Position 151st

419 Nathan Crossley Position 16th

1421 David Pompairac Position 10th 464 David De Jong Position 11th

456 Alex Day Position 6th

1460 Mario Quecchia Position 150th

465 Tony Deacon Position 215th

467 James Dear Position 74th

410 Scott Cramp Position 204th

477 Dudley Desborough Position 22nd

493 Stuart Doidge Position 242nd

496 Bryan Donnelly Position 85th

503 Robin Dow Position 80th

504 Matthew Dowse Position 26th 1805 Joseph Tibble Position 27th

510 Kieran Drane Position 2nd

522 Shane Duncan Position 87th

534 Shaun East Position 195th

540 Matt Edmonds Position 48th

553 Alissa Ellis Position 69th

560 Luca Ercolani Position 38th

580 Kenneth Fancett Position 149th

581 Richard Fanning Position 76th 734 Geoffrey Gray Position 77th

582 Jane Fanning Position 70th

585 Ali Farrell Position 196th

589 Daniel Feltrin Position 168th

593 Simon Feurstein Position 161st

598 Heather Fitzmaurice Position 169th

605 Kim Foo Position 160th

617 Tom Fowler Position 224th

623 Martin Fray Position 68th

633 Robert Frith Position 158th

666 Richard Garland Position 52nd

671 Nicholas Geneva Position 226th 1995 Tim Winkley Position 227th

673 Neil George Position 86th

675 Mark George Position 230th

701 Lydia Godfrey Position 105th

724 Richard Goulder Position 211th


734 Geoffrey Gray Position 77th

742 Matthew Green Position 173rd

744 David Green Position 88th

745 Malcom Green Position 180th 1127 Marc Lyne Position 179th

761 Neil Grigg Position 122nd

769 Neil Hacon Position 53rd

770 Simon Haddon Position 213th 1617 Alison Sikora Position 214th

874 Katie Hilsdon Position 97th

786 Christopher Hall Position 221st

792 Darron Handley Position 162nd 1483 Mandy Regenass Position 163rd

796 Sam Hanson Position 234th

845 Lynda Hamburg Position 155th

863 Thomas Hilder Position 58th

885 Anthony Hogbin Position 171st

896 Simon Hopkins Position 59th 1817 Andrew Tolley Position 62nd

904 Christine Howard Position 47th

931 Martin Iiot Position 217th

937 Dan Ingrouille Position 165th

943 Phillip Jackson Position 3rd

945 Craig Jackson Position 44th

948 Edmond Jackson Position 42nd

970 Benjamin Jenks Position 197th

974 Losu Jimenez Position 111th

984 Matt Jollands Position 152nd

989 Dan Jones Position 5th

1002 Ralf Kahler Position 41st

1027 Frank Keulers Position 250th

1038 Daniel Kinsman Position 148th

1041 Juhana Kirk Position 51st

1051 John Krause Position 174th

1057 Stephen Lamb Position 28th

1073 Cy Lawrence Position 40th

1077 Ben Lee Position 119th

1080 Kieran Leeson Position 95th 775 Michael Haggis Position 96th

1090 Jay Ledbetter Position 113th

1099 Claire Lockwood Position 193rd

1102 Steve Long Position 24th

1120 Liz Lumber Position 82nd

1133 Guy Mace Position 189th

1149 Tony Marden Position 143rd

1191 Ruairdh McIntyre Position 100th 905 Stephen Howard Position 101st

1203 John Melbourne Position 37th

1204 Kirsty Melville Position 22nd

1222 Andrew Millis Position 45th

1231Ewa Mitka Position 66th

1251 Peter Morris Position 231st

1257 Gary Morrison Position 61st

1265 Dean Moy Position 23rd

1368 Martin Peck Position 54th

1289 Howard Nevill Position 109th

1296 Simon Nicholl Position 127th

1299 Jonathan Noakes Position 65th

1303 Craig Norris Position 36th

1305 Sally Norris Position 177th

1312 Fiona Oakes Position 188th

1317 Katherine O’hara Position 35th

1326 Dominic Osman-Allu Position 108th

1335 Maria Pali Position 220th

1368 Martin Peck Position 54th

1372 Carole Pennington Position 43rd

1380 Adrian Perkins Position 55th

1382 Andy Perks Position 238th 1055 Nick Kyritsis Position 239th

1394 Chris Phelan Position 8th

1397 Andy Phillips Position 154th

1407 Tom Pike Position 134th

1415 Andrew Platt Position 248th

1432 Simon Powderham Position 141st

1468 Jose luis Ramis Forsat Position 156th

1481 Stephen Reeves Position 145th

1482 Terry Reeves Position 17th

1515 Simon Roberts Position 183rd

1519 Kerry Robinson Position 153rd

1530 Nathon Roe Position 13th 1591 Chau See Position 14th 1618 Simon Sikora Position 15th

1541 Malcom Roweth Position 21st

1556 Bruce Salter Position 107th

1557 Sarah Samme Position 144th

1560 Till Sanderson Position 93rd

1565 Tom Sawyer Position 208th

1583 Mathew Scott Position 138th

1595 Chowdhury Shabab Position 50th

1615 Jimmy Sieloff Position 249th

1612 Richard Shlovogt Position 131st 1819 James Tombs Position 132nd

1631 Jo Singer Position 25th

1650 Mark Smee Position 117th

1651 Steve Smith Position 149th

1716 Doug Stewart Position 243rd

1720 Howard Stinton Position 181st

1749 Mathew Sutton Position 92nd

1781 Ross Telford Position 125th

1789 Graig Thomas Position 216th

1794 David Thompson Position 39th

1799 Paul Thornton Position 89th

1800 Matdwyn Thornton Position 63rd

1812 Alex Tobin Position 1542nd

1813 Hephzibah Toby Position 57th

1918 Andy Waters Position 187th

1926 Brandon We bb Position 94th

1955 Nigel Whitehead Position 225th

1966 Stuart Wilkie Position 78th

1992 David Winch Position 124th

1997 Gail Winter Position 228th

2040 Joe Young Position 126th

2042 Lucy Zirbser Position 172nd

black top and beard

cap ?



first Lady 1755 Sarah Swinhoe Position 12th


green gloves

green t shirt

grey top

no number 503

no number

red top

Steve 1184

stripes down front

unkown number

white cap

white top ?

Winner 1223 Stuart Mills Position 1st