Repainting Beachy Head Lighthouse |


Beachy Head Lighthouse is  part of  Trinity House to view detail of the lighthouse go to

The Save the Stripes team raised funds for the repainting.

The repainting of the Beachy Head Lighthouse, was carried out by Sussex Blast Cleaning during September - October 2013

The crew carrying out the work were:

Martin Griffin: Managing Director and project director 

Paul Culyer : Works Manager

James Foran ( Seamus ) Senior Paint Technician

Dan Fox : setting up

Ian Bell : Abseiler, painter

Hugh : Abseiler, painter

Sam Trittin : Ordering supplies and general contact

John Brown : Set up and  equipment delivery

Julia Morris : Administration and Trinty House contact

Jim Bruckshaw : Pr for press 

The crew and supplies were  transported to and from the lighthouse by Excalibur Charters located at the Sovereign Harbour please mention this web site if booking

The crew were : Lance Brown and Brian

starting the paint job

still painting

Painting while absailing

scaffolding at top

Local newspaper article

Local newspaper article 1

Local newspaper article 2

Two painters absailing

painting near the bottom

Television crew ready to film

crew arriving

Television crew arriving

giving a coat of paint

Supplies heading for lighthouse

getting ready with supplies

arriving at lighthouse

paint supplies ready

hoisting supplies to top

the start of blasting old paint

blasting old paint

blasting old paint 1

blasting top dome

blasting at low tide

scaffolding ready on top

seagulls coming for a look

blasting well underway

a little humour

prepairing the dome

making a start on the dome

securing around dome for safety

securing around dome for safety 1

working on dome